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250% coverage increase at no extra cost!

gives you the ability to increase your spring trap coverage by 250% at no extra cost (when labour costs are considered).

Or cover the same area at 50% of the cost and 15% of the time!*

Our units use your local mobile phone network to communicate data to our secure cloud servers. Meaning you can be alerted to a trap activation within 2 minutes of the event.

That's it! A simple, low cost solution, for your spring trap remote monitoring needs
*Based on 100 traps over a 6 month period

1. Get in touch for a free trial unit

The is able to monitor any type of spring trap you wish : Rat, mouse, mink, squirrel, magpie, fox, mole. Using smart mobile technology we are able to use any mobile network available in your area. Our units even work where your typical mobile phone doesn't!

We know that these units will be placed in some of the most remote environments - so we will loan you a unit in order for you to test the unit in your area, completely free (ex P&P), with no obligation.

Click here to arrange your free trial.

2. We create you an online account

Once we have come to an agreed a price plan then we shall ship your units and establish your online account.

We will configure the units as required by your application and activate the SIMs that come with your units.

Each unit is configurable through the online portal - so you can change the settings remotely!

3. You recieve and place your units

All you need to do now is put the units in position and record this position online using our website or through our app.

That's it! Your units will now report in periodically (to ensure they are alive) and inform you of any activity. All data is accessible through the web service and reports and alarms can deliver data direct to your inbox! See the web service pages for more information.

Clean, simple and effective!

Interested? Then why not trial the system for 6 weeks at no cost (ex P&P) ...
Free 6 Week Trial